Boat Gypsy No More

I’m not a boat owner any more. After nine years, ten months and one week Francesca is sold. There will be a delivery voyage with the new owner and then my decade as a boat gypsy will be all over. They say the happiest days of boat ownership are the day you buy her and the day you sell her. Don’t know who said that, but it’s a well known cliché. In this case it’s a bitter sweet feeling. The money ran low and I made a decision I had to move on. I wouldn’t have missed the last ten years for anything, nor could I carry on, so it’s good that she’s sold, but boy does it feel strange, my choice but almost like a bereavement – weird. Like the guy who’s bought her though and believe he will do the work that needs doing and use her and that’s how it should be – she shouldn’t be left to rot. As I said bitter sweet – good and sad too. Malcolm

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