Sailing Alone Around The World

Malcolm Snook ketch Francesca.

Malcolm Snook who recorded this audio book sailing his ketch Francesca.


Sailing Alone Around The World was written by Captain Joshua Slocumb around the turn of the century, not the one just gone, but the one before!

Captain Slocumb was a tough sea captain, bred and immersed in the age of sail, we will never see his like again. As he grew older so the age of sail was replaced by the age of steam and men with his skills were less in demand. Having been at sea almost his entire life, having endured and survived bereavement by disease, shipwreck and even mutiny, this tough old gentleman then became the first man ever to sail solo around the world.

You’d think that a man so enured to hardship would be a grizzled old object without much joy in his soul, but the opposite is true. Slocumb’s sense of the joy of life and the twinkle in his eye shine through on every page of this wonderful classic book.

First Slocumb had to completely rebuild an old sloop given to him by a friend, probably as a joke since she was rotten in every timber. In 1895, having completely rebuilt the Spray Slocumb set sail to circumnavigate the world. He actually crossed the Atlantic twice to avoid pirates!

Unlike many modern record breaking sailors Slocumb made many stops, had many adventures on land and made many new friends. Although I haven’t technically circumnavigated, I have spent nine years as a liveaboard sailor exploring the world much as Slocumb did, meeting people and having my own adventures, and so I completely identify with every word. I find this book absorbing, entertaining, joyful and inspirational. I emphatically believe that if you give it a try you will too and that is why I recorded the audio book.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Sailing Alone Around The World

Sailing Alone Around The

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