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Think And Grow Rich is one of, if not the first self help book ever written. The author, Napoleon Hill, working as a young, possibly naïve journalist was challenged by the great self made industrialist Andrew Carnegie to discover for himself the secrets that made men successful and publish them for the benefit of all.

The project came to be Hill’s lifetime’s work and although some of the thinking and some of the science may seem strange or even discredited in the world we inhabit, nonetheless there are huge lessons to be learned and the book still contains much wisdom.

In fact it was reading and recording this audio book that inspired me to sit down and write ‘Hill’s Heroes‘. At the time of writing this web page volume one of Hill’s Heroes is published in e-book format and as a paperback. Volume two is part written and when that is published a third and final volume will follow. Ultimately Hill’s Heroes will also be released as an audio book.

In the 1930’s and 40’s Napoleon  Hill’s readers knew the people he studied and wrote about as well as we know about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Clinton or Margaret Thatcher. Just as our lives overlap with the entrepreneurs and leaders of our time so Hill’s contemporaries knew Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Robert Dollar and the others.

Today’s readers of Think And Grow Rich will, in many cases, not know the biographies of the great men of the 1920’s and 30’s for all that they still affect and influence our lives today whether we realise it or not, and so Hill’s Heroes plugs that gap. Despite that, Think And Grow Rich is still inspirational, motivational and includes solid advice for putting the lessons into practice and making real progress.

I hope listening to it will help you achieve your own personal goals and ambitions. It’s not such a catchy title but in effect the book could be called Think And Achieve Whatever You Want, for the lessons could be applied to all sorts of personal goals, such as learning a musical instrument, learning a language, sporting endeavours, whatever you want to achieve in life.

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