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1 From a reader in Sweden

I had a mentioning of the book from a dancing friend and got hold of a copy. As I myself have been travelling a bit in the world, mostly back-packing in my 20ies, and had a very active life before that. What was described to me about the book definitely created some interest. Some episodes just makes you laugh again and again, while some are highly dramatic, others are both sentimental and warm-hearted. The story of the book is build around a way to live your life that is “a bit” out of the ordinary. Still, in many parts of the book, one got remained about personal incidents and several came to recreate memories of a lot of personal incidents (and past girlfriends) – not always as extraordinary, but mostly highly memorable.

After having read it, and then re-read several of my favorite parts, I just had to buy five more copies. I have since given these away to people that I know have lived active lives. From these I have only been given very positive feedback. The most funny thing is that there is not two of us that have picked the same episode as our personal favorite. Mine is the wild and crasy description of the visit to Madagascar. Others have picked up the hotel episode in Scotland and someone else the building of the boat-house by the kids in their early teens – guided by the charismatic leader of the sailing club. A leader given a long very warm-hearted description. A person that came to have a life-long influence on the way Malc came to live his life.

So, get yourself a copy! By the way, why not do like I did, and become appreciated by your friends – buy an extra copy or two and give away; it works!


2 From a reader in New Zealand


A Critique by a Reader
This book details the many and varied exploits of a modern day adventurer. It is written at the same breathtaking pace at which so many incidents have occurred in the often exciting life of Malcolm Snook. The author also gathers up interesting relevant anecdotes from the lives of his friends, lovers, teachers, pupils and competitors, with whom he has had contact as his own story unfolds. It is easy, when reading this book, to imagine that one is listening to Malcolm enjoying a yarn with friends in the local pub. His writing style is that of a conversationalist rather than an author, and his excitement is infectious as he involves himself in each new activity.

Of course, the reader needs to have his own sense of adventure with which to enjoy the fun, but it is not always necessary to jump out of an aeroplane or drive a fast car, in person, to taste the thrill of danger and speed. For the reader, Malcolm’s writing can stimulate an adrenaline rush as he describes the activities in which he indulges himself. These include sailing, sky diving, car and motor bike racing, dancing and involvement in business and the competitive world of advertising and marketing. He enjoys the ups and downs of life, often establishing long friendships with former rivals and opponents. Malcolm Snook clearly believes in making the most of any opportunity which comes his way and accordingly he lives life to the full.
For those who can mentally participate in other people’s adventures, by reading or hearing them described, this is a splendid book. It is written at a pace to keep the reader on his toes. It is never dull and is packed with information gathered by Malcolm as he moves from one learning experience to another. At times he seems overconfident of his own ability to match and surpass the efforts of more experienced people. However, he humbly admits that he is inclined to embarrass himself when reality leaves him licking his wounds as dreams of success are shattered or badly bruised. His fortunes with the ladies in his life are equally mixed, but his love for his daughter is an example and an encouragement for all fathers and any active or armchair adventurers, who have a love of land, sea and sky.
Robin Hall
New Zealand

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