My collection of short biographies of pioneers of the early 20th Century is now available on Kobo. (It’s been available as a kindle e-book and as a paperback from Amazon for sometime and remains available there and via links from this site.)

How To Anchor Safely – So You Sleep Well! has also been uploaded to Kobo but seems to be taking longer to process – probably because of the large number of photos and illustrations. Ultimately I aim to have all my books available on Kindle, KoboH Heroes Vol 1 (2) and Barnes and Noble’s Nook.

Barnes and Noble seem to have a problem processing work from author’s not resident in the USA there’s a field on the form to change the country from USA but it won’t accept non US addresses, hopefully just a technical glitch which they’ll sort, I’ve e-mailed them. When books become available in new formats I will post the news!

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