Skydiving Films From My Era – The 1970s

I used to be an instructor at the RSA Parachute Club at Thruxton Hampshire from 1975 to 1981. When the weather wasn’t good enough to jump we got up to all sorts of things, but film shows with Masters Of The Sky and others were a regular feature. Find the links to 4 iconic 70s skydiving films here.


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  1. Relay doran says:

    Hi Malcolm, I was trained by you in 1976′ bob came to Oxford to drum up business for the rsa club, is the club still up and running? I heard that bob was killed in a skydiving accident, is tha true, he was real good guy and I remember you were young CFO at the club,you sported a splendid moustache and your girlfriend was a very tasty young lady with a surname of Higgind. Have you still got your muggy minor van? You may remember me as I persuaded my younger sister to do a one jump course and she broke her leg when she landed and we took her to hospital in the muggy minor. It was a great club and I done about 10 jumps at thru ton. I am proud to say that my passion has never diminished with parachuting and I managed to get my wife and three children to all do a parachute jump. Let me know how you are what are you up to these days. Regards, ray doran. Abingdon,oxford

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